Our Story

Andrew Lamond started working with chickens when he was just seven years old, tending to the hens and collecting eggs with ambitions of earning pocket money. What started out as a bit of fun became a passion and led to the establishment of a state of the art, exclusively free range egg farm: Lamond Poultry in Charing Cross, Canterbury.

Lamond Poultry now has a reputation for producing high quality, flavourful free range eggs, supplying the Canterbury region and further afield.

The philosophy of free range egg farming is to provide an environment which enables the hens to carry out their natural behaviours, with the freedom to forage in the pastures for bugs and worms.

Our flocks are often run with companion animals; this encourages the hens to venture outside to the pastures beyond their sheds.

Our Golden Principles

Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare

At Lamond Poultry we are passionate about implementing high animal welfare standards and practices that we believe are important for our flocks’ health. We are committed to creating desirable habitats that meet our flocks’ needs and encourage their natural instincts. Our farming method provides 3 different functioning areas:

  • Morning and night quarters: where our flocks eat, sleep, drink and lay all their beautiful eggs within purpose-built nest boxes, ready for collecting.
  • A dust bathing area: a covered free ranging area that protects our flock from the elements.
  • Outdoor ranging areas: where each flock has access to 4 hectares of pasture to range and forage alongside companion animals.
Fresh Egg Guarentee

Fresh Egg Guarantee

Our fresh egg guarantee is a key element of our farming practice and contributes to the high quality, flavourful eggs we deliver to our loyal customers. Our beautiful eggs are collected throughout the morning, processed through a commercial egg grader, and packed ready for delivery.

Here at Lamond Poultry we are firm believers that the best eggs are the freshest eggs from happy hens. Therefore, we have implemented a fresh egg guarantee that ensures all our eggs are delivered to our customers soon after being laid.



The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) requires a Risk Management Programme (RMP) that ensures that our farm processes and products are safe and fit for purpose – from animal welfare to producing eggs that are honestly labeled and fit for human consumption. MPI officials conduct an annual audit of the Lamond Poultry farm to ensure our site specific RMP is up to date and fully functioning.

Icon Farm Dev

Farm development & progression

At Lamond Poultry we believe in caring for our environment and the land we farm. As we continue to develop the farm from a bare block, hundreds of trees and shelterbelts are being planted across the land, and specifically within our flocks’ outdoor ranging areas, to provide a diverse habitat. Planting began in Spring 2017 and will continue to develop during yearly planting seasons.

We’re exploring regenerative farming practices and we aim to create even more opportunities for our flocks to forage amongst diverse cover crops. This includes a companion planting approach that uses soil biology and plant diversity in each of the ranging areas, to further improve soil and bird health.

"We look forward to sharing our regenerative farming journey with you."