Free-range Chicken

Happy chickens foraging in the field

Genuine free-range

Our free-range chickens arrive when they are just one-day-old and are put straight into a barn with heaters to keep them warm. As they get a little older, usually around 2-weeks-old, we open the doors and encourage them to go outside into the grass where they are free to roam as much as they like in their natural environment.

No chemicals

There are no hormones, antibiotics or additives in the chicken’s food or water, nor are there any other artificial practices ever involved with our birds. They are truly free-range and live in a stress free environment. Additionally, all our chickens are processed organically in a citrus based solution for maximum taste and to ensure they remain free from bacteria. This chemical-free process has been proven to be just as effective, if not better, than traditional chlorine processing.

Health benefits

Free-range chicken is an ideal source of clean and healthy protein with all the essential amino acids your body needs to prevent disease, increase energy and strength.

By choosing free-range, organically processed chicken, you will be rewarded with a better tasting and healthier product. We stock a large range of whole chickens and portions, please view our stockists page for information on where you can purchase our products.