Free-range Eggs

Happy hens roaming in the field

Genuine free-range

Lamond chickens first arrive on our farm when they are just one-day-old. We raise and care for them in a large purpose-built barn where they are free to roam in a safe warm environment, and quickly learn to perch, scratch and dust bathe. When they are approximately 18-weeks-old we move them to one of our laying barns where they have the choice to go outside and come inside as they please. They also have 24 hour access to our natural food and water, and in return they supply us with true free-range, healthy and nutritious eggs, the way it used to be. We don’t employ any commercial cleaning processes so you might even find the odd feather or other ‘traces’ of the farm in the packaging – that’s the mark of a real free-range egg!

Health benefits

Did you know?

  • Eggs have the highest quality protein of all foods, protein is important for cell and tissue generation.
  • Egg yolk contains zinc which helps the body sustain a strong immune system, which is good for eyes and skin.
  • Eggs are a good source of Vitamin D which is vital to maintaining teeth, bones, the immune system, and also the absorption of calcium. There are few foods that contain this important nutrient.
  • Egg yolk is a natural way of attaining Vitamin E, a power antioxidant that aids in maintaining red blood cells.
  • Eggs provide folate, Vitamin B12 and help prevent iron deficiency.
  • Egg yolk contains the antioxidant lutein which can help preserve the aging eye against macular degeneration.
  • Eggs contain Choline which plays an essential role in the development of brain function and memory.
  • For vegetarians and non-meat meals, eggs are a great alternative providing many of the nutrients meat can.

By choosing Lamond free-range eggs, you will be rewarded with a better tasting and healthier product. Please view our stockists page for information on where you can purchase our products.


We recommend you keep your eggs in a cool dark place no warmer than 15 degrees celsius.