About Lamond Poultry

Lamond Poultry (previously Almford Poultry) is a family business located at 1168 Main South Road, Weedons, Canterbury. It includes a small retail shop where their free-range products, as well as a small selection of other locally produced food items, are available for the public to purchase.

Andrew Lamond began working at the farm when he was just seven years old, helping out his older brother. In 2010 he was presented with the opportunity to purchase the farm, which at the time was primarily a traditional setup of caged hens in sheds with a small number of free-range birds. Caged farming didn’t sit well with Andrew’s ethics, and he knew consumers didn’t like it either, so he decided to seize the opportunity and go into partnership with his parents, Ross & Yvonne, determined to convert the farm into a humane free-range environment. Their plans didn’t stop there either – they also had aspirations to provide a much healthier and tastier product for the consumer by adopting organic, chemical-free processing with no hidden surprises.

Their vision continues to be realised but it has been a slow process, limited by the fact they need to continue earning an income as the changes take effect. It is, nevertheless, hugely rewarding and together they continue to enjoy the hands on challenge of running a busy egg and poultry farm, creating a better environment for the animals, and creating a better product for the consumer.